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Greetings from around the world!


 Two tired babies at Cecilia's in Norway


 Isabell and Fanny with their beloved Ludde!


  Greetings from Lycka in Holland. Watch out hens, I'm getting bigger! Thanks to Heidi and Ronald for the lovely photos!


 Greetings from Movitz, at the Italian market place filled with delicacies...


  Elton is still too young to do the job himself, but he is a very interested spectator! Thanks to "Dad" Anders for the photos. Next year Elton will do it himself!


 Wesse says hello from Finland, to his father PG. Thanks for the photo Anne and Heikki!



Movitz sends greetings from Italy, where he is practising hard for future hunting! Looking good, Federico! Thanks for the photos!



Dice sends greetings from sunny Italy!



Rambler sends Greetings from Russia!



Viking loves the American dock diving events!