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Henrik and Ingrid Saltzman


The Jack Russell terrier entered our lives as a hunting dog. What a superb and complete little dog! A very capable hunter and a great family dog, it wasn't long until we had more!


The breed was recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club in 2001. We gathered our puppy-buyers and had our dogs assessed and registered. At the same time, we had our breeding prefix registered in the Swedish Kennel Club.


This was an exciting time, we were making history! One weekend at the end of October 2002, a group of enthusiasts defied the blizzard and had a meeting in Mariannelund. With the help of representatives from the Terrierclub and the Kennelclub, we formed a breed club.


Showing was now an option for our beloved breed. I think a lot of judges and show organizers were overwhelmed with the huge interest from Jack Russell owners. In many shows, we were (and are) the breed with the highest entries!


There is a lot of passion and love for the breed in our daily life. Grooming, hunting, showing, breeding, training and playing - we love it all!


Welcome to share our passion!